Pusat Kajian dan Perlindungan Anak (PKPA) NIAS

PKPA is a non-profit which was endorsed by Department of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia with registration No. AHU-4047.AH.01.02.Year 2008. PKPA’s base is in Medan, Indonesia. Vision : For the implementation of the best interests of the child. Mission : Advocacy for possible policy changes for child well-being and protection and implementation of the rights of the child. MAIN PROGRAM PKPA is working for child and youth issues;

  • Advocacy are: Giving the services to child and youth in law process and access to get justice, also doing the advocacy of local and national regulation.
  • Access to the Base Education and Youth Economic Empowerment. Children form the slum area, remote area, street children, and children with special needed have very low education level, and it is very difficult to get the base education access.
  • Promoting and Awareness of Child Right: To do the promotion and awareness raising of the rchild right to the community.
  • Emergency Respon and DRR Program: The humanitarian mission for emergency respon and disaster awareness are focused on children and youth.


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